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  PHENOM – Let’s Play Basketball

  Too good to be true, a mid-year transfer student leads his high school basketball team to the State Championship and along the way helps others become better students and young adults. Matthew Wilson’s past finally catches up with him when the Russian Mafia seeks retribution for past transgressions. This is a feel-good love story and suspense novel structured around a basketball theme. At graduation, students, faculty and the President of the U.S. make a vow; “If you ever need me, I’ll be there for you.”
The Search for the
Ark of the Covenant
PHENOM – Search for the Ark of the Covenant

  Matthew Wilson cements his reputation as the greatest basketball player of all time as he leads Marquette University to four successive NCAA championships and then forms a globe-trotter team to travel the world and play all star teams from China, Africa, South America and Europe. But basketball is only a backdrop as Matthew teams up with Father McGinnis and Jim Simpson to bring water to Ethiopia and later, to rebuild the biblical city of Babylon to its former splendor; all part of a master plan to find the Ark of the Covenant, an event heralded by Muslims and Christians as a precursor to the second coming of the Lord. Matthew is severely injured in a basketball showdown with the Muslim basketball star known as the Mahdi, or Chosen One. Matthew’s former classmates are asked to renew a vow made ten years ago; “If you ever need me, I’ll be there for you.”

  Customize and sell these novels to Alumni and Supporters. Change the five basketball chapters in Book 2 (Search for the Ark); your school name, mascot, player names. Pick four team, coaches or eras you want to honor, or, do as I did, make up fictitious teams with the best Marquette players of all time. It's your choice. Modify a 5th chapter (Chapter one - Book 2) to state your school's mission and goals.

  Provide readers alternative channels to purchase these novels;
                                                                     Suggested Price (and your profit)  for both books:
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3. EBook copies (Kindle, etc.) supported by                  $20.00 ($ 6)

Additional sources of profit:
1. Sell Ads to businesses supporting your basketball program;
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2. Sell a "friends and supporters page" for $? per name,

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Use this book to say thank you to employess, former players, referrees, family and friends for a Job Well Done.Books make an ideal Holiday Gift.

Further customize with a new cover, sub-title, etc. for a special event. It's your book.
Let’s Play Basketball.
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