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Out of Bounds is a gripping novel of Corporate Finance, Drugs, and Politics, told in a backdrop of a highly competitive Golf Tournament.  What starts out to be a two-day, 36 hole Match Play club championship between former friends, becomes a high stakes, life and death struggle with far-reaching consequences. The author has created a cast of intriguing, real life characters and themes.

Jim Simpson was an 18-handicap player when he moved to Florida five years ago. His current 6-handicap and spot in the finals of the Club Championship is a testimony to hard work, and the tutelage of his friend and mentor, Ken Reed.  Jack Pardo, his opponent, is a self-confident and sometimes arrogant, four handicap golfer. Many believe he is closer to a scratch golfer. Once good friends, Jim and Jack are now bitter rivals. The reader gains insight into the mind games that are part of a match play tournament.
Simpson is a CPA by background, and uses this training to develop a highly profitable Equipment Leasing and Commercial Mortgage business. This expertise is key to Mario’s plan to finance construction of a resort and casino in Mexico, particularly when a $90M drug shipment is mysteriously lost and Mario needs a new financing source. Jim hires Ken Reed and Chris Lewis, a Harvard MBA, to work on Mario’s projects. They find a group of investors based in Zurich Switzerland who will lend the money. Sven Johansen heads up the Swiss group assisted by Dagfin Jensen, his Chief Financial Officer. Hector Armas of the FBI works with the DEA to uncover the source of the Swiss money.

Mario Hernandez lives the good life in Miami with a beautiful home, yacht and money. Mario is business partners with Fred Shelton in a string of “Shells Restaurants”, but also is partners with Columbian drug figure, Romano Montayo. Romano and Mario have plans to build a string of Casinos and Resorts as a way to hide their massive drug profits. Joe Martinez, Florida D.A., interrupts these plans with the help of DEA agent Steve Wilson and an unknown informer. Bill Martin, successful businessman and long time friend of Joe Martinez, uses all means available to finance Martinez’ campaign for Governor.

Mary Simpson, Jim’s wife and mother of their two children, Peter and Lisa, helps out in the business and is the backbone of the family. They are good friends with Fred and Judy Shelton; Jack Pardo and his fiancée, Jill; Mario and Gigi; and Bill and Ginny Martin. These friendships are put to the test when Mary is taken hostage.

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A well written, fast moving book! I got caught up in the golf match, but also enjoyed the drug smuggling and Cabo San Lucas Casino sub-plots.

Dave Glandt
Head Golf Pro
Clayton, NC
I'm not a golfer and I still found this book hard to put down. It was very interesting. Tony would have enjoyed it too.
Helen Folk
St. Louis, MO
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Out of Bounds
Match Play Championship
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