Double Fault
Roland Garros

“Double Fault at Roland Garros” is a 320 page suspense novel about four junior tennis players from Spain, France and the U.S. that attend the Saddlebrook tennis academy in Tampa, Florida and eventually meet in the finals of the French Open;  the same year that Basque ETA terrorists plan to destroy the newly rebuilt Roland Garros Stadium. It’s a love story structured around tennis lessons, the Florida USTA junior tennis program, the pro tennis tour, the Basque desire for their own homeland, and revenge.

Pete Simpson is a promising junior tennis player from Tampa, Florida, on track to earn a tennis scholarship to a major college. Pete’s game and expectations soar when Ambre, the beautiful French tennis sensation, begins training at the Saddlebrook Tennis Academy. Carlos Cordero, the world’s #1 ranked junior tennis player, steals Ambre away from Pete, but not before Ambre and Pete’s younger sister Lisa become bitter enemies. Lisa channels her anger into tennis and vows retribution. The paths of these teenagers are destined to cross at Roland Garros Stadium, home of the French Open.

Jim Simpson, father of Pete and Lisa and husband to Mary, is a successful businessman with a rapidly expanding international construction company. Jim hires Marco Noah away from the French construction firm, Bouygues, to head up Simpson Construction. Successful projects in Mexico City and Tampa land Simpson a three billion dollar project to repair Roland Garros after it is severely damaged by terrorists. The huge project is on a tight timeframe and requires a joint venture with industry giants Bouygues, Hunt Construction and Clark Engineering. Jim’s best friend and CFO, Ken Reed asks Sven Johansen for financing. It is a race against time to complete the new, domed stadium, in time for next year’s French Open tennis tournament.

Agbu Galan, Carlos’ boyhood friend, becomes leader of the New ETA, the terrorist arm of the Basque Nationalist movement. Haunted by the death of his older brother Anton, who is shot by Jim Simpson during an attempted kidnapping in Mexico, Agbu swears revenge. Uncle Enrique and boyhood friends Rico, Stefano and Tito assist Agbu. Muhammad, leader of the European Al-Qaeda cell and supplier of Basque drugs, has his own agenda.

Chris Lewis, Ken Reed’s fiancé and longtime friend of Jim and Mary Simpson, is now with the CIA. She is assigned to protect the Simpson family and works with the French Police to stymie Basque and Al-Qaeda plans to blow up the newly rebuilt Roland Garros stadium. French Police Lieutenant, Georges Caron, agrees to watch over Susan Peterson when she returns to Paris to cope with the death of her husband Bill, at the hands of Basque kidnappers.

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An excellent tennis book spiced with action. Descriptions of the "Basque country" made me want to visit Northern Spain:

Sherry Bedingfield
Tennis Pro
Former USF
Women's Coach

I'm the Gregg in the original version of this novel, so I was forced to read it. The best tennis novel I have read. It's fiction, but there is a bunch of good information about coaching junior tennis players.

Gregg Gruhl
Tennis Pro
Former UT Tennis Coach

Double Fault
Roland Garros
Double Fault
Roland Garros

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