Jim Plautz is a businessman, avid tennis player and father of three.
Originally from Wisconsin, He now makes his home in Tampa, Florida.  Rosann., Jim's wonderful wife and business partner, died Mrach 7, 2013. Jim has written four fiction/suspense novels, all with a sports theme, golf, tennis, basketball and baseball.

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Phenom -
 Let's Play Basketball

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                                     General Procedure:

1. Select a book to customize.  Establish your objectives.

2. Determine the scope of changes you wish to make;
  • Order as-is ($9.00 per book plus shipping) 
  • Basic Customization Package ($3.00 + publishing & shipping costs)
  • Extensive re-write of plot and/or location; $20.00/hour

3. Choose a new title, design a cover, upload your pictures, write a 1-page "foreword", specify "name changes" if any and provide other information including advertising inserts. Provide only the information you want to change. CSN staff will help you and provide recommendations.

4. Allow 3-5 days for CSN to make revisions and proofread.

5. Review and approve "proof" - make last minute changes.

6. Allow 2 weeks for publishing and shipping. Use your own printer if you prefer.

 * Call Jim or Rosann at 813-968-6867 to obtain a "worksheet checklist" for customizing each novel. Remember, you only need to change pages you want.
Cost vs. Revenue Analysis 
250 Books*
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                           Price     Qty     Total Comments/size
1.Front Cover Logo        $ 150       2      $ 300       2” x 2” maximum
2.Back Cover           250       1 250       3/4 Page
3.Inside Front Cover  200       1 200       1/2 page
4.Inside Back Cover  200       1 200       1/2 page
5.Mini-ads                 50       8 400       1/8 page
6.       Supporter list          20      20        400        One line 
7.       Section/Part         250       4      1,000Ad. + Section Page headings
                      Total from Advertisements     $2,750**

8 Book Sales         $ 15    100     $1,500**    Proshop; advertisers, T&T, ...

* Studies show that every book is read more than four times, meaning more people will see the advertisements. In addition, others will page through "display books" in the pro shop and on-display at advertiser locations and other sites. Reader "retention" from a independent, 3rd party endorsement, is better than with TV or newspaper advertising.

** 250 copies of a 300 page "customized novel" will cost approximately $2,500.

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 publishing rights for a flat customization fee and earn 100%
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Customization options: 'Brand" these existing sports novels as your own!  I'll do the customization; you tell me what you want! The Basic Customization Package includes:
  • Put your school or club name, picture and logo on the cover!
  • Customize the front and back covers with color photos. 
  • Customize the inside-front and back covers, or sell this space to "sponsors" 
  • Provide pictures and text for Section headings - ideal for advertisers
  • Write a one-page foreword promoting your school, club or special event
  • Change character names to personalize the story to your membership
  • Customize the page headings for each Section 
  • Provide advertising inserts and promotions - earn more money!
 It's Easy! Order the books as-is, or select from the above options;

Set your own book price. The cost of publishing printed books is approximately $7.00 - $8.00 per book. Sell  the Phenom books '2-for-$25' and earn $9 - $11.
Sell as PDF files or EBooks for $9.99 and earn approximately $3 - $5 per book.

Sell enough advertising and sponsorships. This book could be Free!