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"Fighting Back"
Book 1 - The first 58 days -
There is Hope!

“Fighting Back”

Offers a recipe for fighting back against a deadly, incurable disease - that’s what the doctors call it - incurable.

PDF version is updated thru 7/13/11

My recipe is simple:

A big heart
A fighting spirit
A strong support group
Drs. J. Park & Y.K. Park

What is Victory?

How should we define victory?

Is it living forever?

Rosann defines Victory like this:

“Living life day-by-day, enjoying the little things,

Celebrating living versus waiting to die,

Enjoying the small victories,

Getting back into my daily routine,

Being thankful for my friends and family,

Being thankful for, Jim, my lover, #1 cheerleader,

Living one more day than odds makers predicted,

Being grateful for what I have,

Looking forward to my next challenge,

Writing one more chapter in this book!"

“I will die, eventually, but death on my terms means that I won this fight.” 

Please Pray for Me,

 I need your help!.
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"Fighting Back" by Rosann
"Fighting Back" - PDF
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"Fighting Back & Winning"
Book 2: The Rest of the Story

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This Book incorporates Book1 and follows Rosann's journey - the ups and downs - to its inevitable end. We all die, but few of us will do it as well as Rosann.

This is a miraculous story of a 110 pound woman who was strong, on the inside, where it counted.

Two more years, good years, with her husband, Jim. Rosann and Jim believed she won the fight and exited a winner. What do you think?
Jim: "I can honestly say that we loved each more now than we did 14 years ago when we married, or two and three days ago, before this happened."
"Fighting Back" by Rosann
Auction: Pictures 16 - 30
Auction: Pictures 1 - 15
Auction: Pictures 31 - 34
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Rosann Plautz Artwork

March 30, 2013 Silent Auction: 1:00 - 4:00 PM
(Internet and advance bids are welcomed)

Photos of all paintings can be seen on:
The paintings (and suggested value) are; 

1-600.jpg Lady in Red Shawl (award winner)
2-500.jpg The Parasol
3-325.jpg In The Meadow
4-300.jpg Flowers in Clay vase
5-375.jpg Magnolias in brass
6-275.jpg Flowers in Glass
7-400.jpg Belle Fleur
8-250.jpg Glass of Red Wine
9-200.jpg Cheers
10-250.jpg The Dance 1
11-250.jpg The Dance 2
12=200.jpg Autumn Leaves
13-300.jpg The Serape
14-250.jpg Spain
15-150.jpg After the Operation

16-100.jpg Pears
17-200.jpg Lake Como
18-150.jpg Flowers in White
19-250.jpg Wading ankle deep (my favorite)
20-150.jpg Bell Tower
21-100.jpg Roses
22-200.jpg Santorini
23-100.jpg The River
24-100.jpg Sunset on Water
25-100.jpg Girl in Sombrero (Rosann's debut)
26-100.jpg Tulips
27-50.jpg Sunflower
28-50.jpg Santa
29-50.jpg Roses on Pink
30-50.jpg The Corsage

31-50.jpg Flowers with Legs
32-50.jpg Stormy Sky
33-50.jpg Ocean Waves
34-50.jpg Blur Dahlia 
35-500.jpg Magnolias on Blue Velvet